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This is the Best Time of the Day to Apply for Jobs

Sending out scores of job applications without receiving a response is no fun. If you’re not receiving positive responses despite sending out well-written resumes, it’s quite possible that you’ve been sending out applications at the wrong times. In fact, applying for new positions after work hours could end up sabotaging your chances of getting hired. Adjusting your timing can dramatically increase your chances of landing interviews with prospective employers.

Research has found that people who apply earlier in the day are more likely to receive an invitation to interview. As like most other professionals, recruiters and hiring managers become busier as the day wears on, which means they are more likely to miss out on reading fresh applications while grappling with cluttered inboxes, back-to-back meetings and phone calls. Choosing to be an early bird can increase the chances of your job application actually being read.

Send Out Applications At the Right Time to Score an Interview Call

Score points over the competition by sending your application as early in the day as you can. This will ensure that your application lands in inboxes first thing in the morning. If you have drafted an application in the evening, save it as a draft and email it the next morning instead. Alternatively, you can use an email scheduler like Boomerang for Gmail to send out your application at a pre-planned time.

While studies show a steady decline in responses after 10 a.m., there is a spike during lunchtime hours. A lot of recruiters dedicate some of their lunchtime to reading new applications. If you’ve missed the morning, you can try emailing your application just before lunch instead. If you happen to be applying for a job in a different time zone, double-check to ensure that you are timing your email correctly.

Smart Strategies to Get That Interview Call

Not only does it pay to send applications in at the right time, but also on the right days. For example, research shows that applying early in the week increases your chances of getting a call-back. Applying to new jobs on Mondays and Tuesdays can boost the chances of getting to the next stage by as much as 30%. The response rate steadily declines during the week and is the lowest on Saturday, with only 14% of candidates receiving a response.

Remember to create a concise subject line with keywords to catch the attention of the end reader. Also, try to send out applications within 2 to 4 days of the job opening being posted. Sending out your application at the right time and on the right day can dramatically increase your chances of landing a much-anticipated callback.

Gecko Hospitality can help you explore job opportunities in line with your skills, experience and preferences. Contact us today to learn more.

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