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How to Leverage Short-Term Hospitality Work to Advance Your Career

There is good news on the horizon for the hospitality field: It’s predicted that the industry will bounce back from COVID with a vengeance. This means that if you’ve been affected by a COVID layoff, there is work in the hospitality field that could help keep you moving forward. This article will help you understand some of the opportunities available to help you leverage short-term hospitality work to advance your career.

Best Short-Term Hospitality Roles to Consider

The hospitality field is a massively popular stepping stone into management roles and even other professional career paths. There are thousands of entry-level positions that could be the booster your career needs, giving you skills and experience that other employers look upon favorably. Some of the best short-term hospitality roles to consider include:

  • Hotel desk clerks are trained to handle even the most difficult customers. If this doesn’t train you for management, nothing will! Hotels have extensive training programs that can teach you many soft and hard skills that would look good on your resume, even if you lack higher education or experience.
  • Administrative assistants are in every department in the hospitality field. You’ll find them in legal, marketing, accounting, and HR. This is a great way to learn about daily operations and it’s the perfect starter that gives you room to grow both on your resume and in the job itself. It’s another hospitality role that could potentially be obtained without any sort of experience. Do this job even for a short time and it will prepare you for big things.
  • If you’re a student or have a degree, consider taking a short-term position within the accounting field. Whether your work is for a restaurant or a hotel, a cruise line, or a theme park, some opportunities can give you a tremendous set of skills for your resume. Or, you can leverage this experience to work your way up within the hospitality field.
  • The popularity of TV shows like Top Chef or Hell’s Kitchen shows how interesting and challenging food service can be. Some of the world’s top chefs worked their way up from a food service job in the hospitality field. Executive Chefs often evolve from line cooks. There are many ways to advance in a kitchen setting, learning the basics of the culinary world while honing your skills at not only cooking but people management and supervision.

The hospitality field can jump start your career. Many people work in the hospitality profession before moving on to other careers. The skills you can learn will help you advance within a broad range of industry sectors while developing a broad range of skills. Many of these roles, like being a bartender, chef, or barista can give you valuable crossover skills for other careers while still making sure you have the income you need to live—and live well.

Short-term jobs in the hospitality field can teach a variety of skills to help you succeed in the future. Gecko Hospitality is standing by to help you build your resume into the kind of experience that causes employers to set up and take notice. Find out more today.



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