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Franchise Owner Spotlight: Marty Tarabar

Franchises are an incredibly lucrative way to buy-in to an established brand and business model. Gecko Hospitality is one of the leading hospitality recruiting firms in the nation. But did you know our successful business model is also available to you as a way to help you live your dream of entrepreneurship without all the risk of starting a new business? Here’s what one Gecko franchise owner had to say about the experience and the benefits of becoming a franchise owner.

Gecko Hospitality Franchise—A Lucrative Business Model

“Commitment is very important, but you can be a Gecko partner, work 40-hours a week and play golf every weekend.”

Marty Tarabar, Gecko Hospitality Franchise Owner

In 2019 there were more than 770,000 franchise establishments in the U.S. Their economic output totaled more than $787 billion annually. A franchise takes a proven business model and brand and licenses it so that you can buy into the business and expand it for your own economic gain. It’s an incredibly lucrative opportunity without a lot of the risk involved with building your own business from scratch. That’s because the original owner of the business figured out the ins and outs of the business and then shares the best operating model with you, the franchise owner.

Gecko Hospitality, named one of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms in 2018 and 2019, offers this opportunity to clients interested in starting their own recruiting firm. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to build a business with these benefits:

  • Low up-front capital investment
  • Fully integrated web technologies to run your business
  • Turnkey operation with proven success strategies
  • Excellent work/life balance
  • Highly effective franchise model
  • International recognition as an industry leader

The need for new hospitality talent is great. High industry turnover means you will have recurring revenue opportunities at every juncture. Just look at what one of our franchise owners had to say:

“When I purchased my franchise, I didn’t have a back-up plan. My only plan was to make it work! It was like jumping off a cliff without a parachute.”

Marty Tarabar owns a Gecko Hospitality franchise in Pennsylvania. He jumped on the opportunity after losing his management position and never looked back. It turns out he had a knack for running a recruiting business. He says, “I’ve learned from the successful partners before me—the more you put into recruiting the more you will get out of it.”

Like a lot of Gecko Hospitality franchise owners, Marty also feels a great deal of satisfaction in the work he does every day. He states, “It might sound corny, but what we do changes people’s lives! Candidates who I have placed have grown in the companies they joined, moving up from Unit Level Manager to Director of Operations. Others were able to get a new position which allowed them to spend more time at home and watch their family grow.”

Marty, like a lot of the Gecko Hospitality team members and franchise owners, is very proud of the business he’s built. He says, “I am very proud of my ability to forge partnerships with both candidates and clients and connect their needs and visions. We really do connect with people and have the ability to change lives, one career at a time.”

Isn’t it time for you to consider running your own business without the risk? A partnership with Gecko Hospitality gives you the benefits of business ownership with a proven model for success. Talk with our team today about how this opportunity could change your life.



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