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How Easy is it For Me to Transfer Jobs Between Hotel Locations?

One of the benefits of working in a large national hotel chain is that there are often opportunities across the system to apply for new roles and transfer to another location. Although every hotel chain is different, this article will help you understand the general process of transferring jobs between hotel locations.

Why Would I Transfer Jobs?

If you’re asking for a transfer, it’s a good idea to go to your boss with some concrete reasons why you want to make a move. It could be that a different hotel could be closer to your home, thus cutting your commute time. You may have experienced some kind of life change, such as a new childcare provider that requires a scheduling change. Maybe you picked up a second job that would make a hotel location more attractive.

If you’re working for a national hotel chain, one big benefit is the ability to support your family in a move to another state. That takes away the scariness and risk associated with a big move.

You may ask for a transfer because you’re applying for a career change. Maybe there is an opportunity for growth as another location that you’d like to go for. While your current boss may be unhappy that you’re leaving, he or she should be pleased that you’re seeking opportunities to advance. This could improve your chance for a promotion and more income.

Can I Transfer Hospitality Jobs?

The good news is that the skills you learn in hospitality are often very transferrable between jobs in the field. So, your skills will transfer between locations. One trick to consider is that some hotel chains use franchise models, so while the parent company may have jobs within the chain, you may not be able to transfer to an individually-owned franchise. You can check on the corporate website for open positions across locations.

It’s also good to speak with your boss to talk about what you’re trying to do so they might be able to lend a hand and help you achieve your goals. This can feel a little risky, especially if your boss isn’t the best or they value you so much you know they won’t want you to go. In the best scenarios, you have a great relationship with your boss and have already discussed your career plans and goals. If you have a good relationship with your manager, have the conversation and seek their help in your efforts to improve or change your career.

Generally, people can transfer positions all of the time. Sometimes hotels merge, such as Marriott blending with the Starwood chains. That’s a big benefit for employees; more options for improvement and more places and jobs to select from. There are all kinds of advantages of transferring jobs within the same company. You already know the company, its rules, and its culture. Now you just need to take the next step to find better opportunities to improve your life.

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