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Write successful job postings with these tips

Your job descriptions will be the first impression job seekers have of your company and they are essential to your businesses’ success. Job descriptions play an important role in their ability to attract top talent. The quality of your job posting and the information included determines the quality of the candidates who apply. Use these simple tips to help ensure you’re attracting the right candidates for your role.

Guidelines for writing a compelling job description:

Accurate Title:

A great job title should be a straightforward, industry-standard term. It should accurately reflect the responsibilities of the role. Stick to job titles that job seekers will search, and you will reach more quality candidates. Always spell out the complete job title (General Manger vs GM).


Describe a ‘day in the life’ of the role. Using bullet points, highlight main responsibilities and skills that will be needed. Candidates respond best to job descriptions that are written in a professional, upbeat, conversational tone. It is best to use common language and refrain from using too much jargon.


Include prerequisites that instantly qualify or eliminate a candidate (years of experience, education level, etc).


By placing the salary range in a job posting you are making sure that every applicant that applies will be comfortable with the salary range offered.


Along with describing the most common benefits you offer emphasize any unique perks your company provides (bonus plans, education incentives, casual dress, remote work).


Re-evaluate your application to make it effortless. Over 70% of job seekers abandoned complicated applications. Make your process short and concise. The simpler and easier-to-read you can make your job post, the more likely you are to attract the right candidates.

Specific Location:

Inform applicants of your location and let them decide for themselves if the commute would work for them. If you do not want to include the specific address, include the zip code instead.


4 out of 5 jobseekers are turning to the convenience, simplicity, and speed of mobile to access jobs. If your company does not have a mobile-friendly job board, it is time to begin building one as soon as possible.

Answer Swiftly:

If a candidate has taken time to apply to your job give them the courtesy of responding, even if it is automated. Treat job seekers the way you would like to be treated. Or perhaps, treat them better. Replying to applicants within 48 hours is recommended.

Covid Safety:

Now is the time to over-communicate and get into the details. You can list exactly what is being done to keep employees safe to ensure confidence. Over 68% of Americans are feeling anxious about working during this challenging time.

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