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5 Things You Can Expect as a Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers have varying, hectic, and exciting jobs. If you’re considering getting into the field, get ready to be challenged and encouraged to learn, adapt, and thrive every day on the job. It’s impossible to remain aloof from the work; to do it well, every restaurant manager must be fully immersed in their role. If you’re the kind of person that can really do it all, we have a job for you. Here are the top five things you can expect if you jump into the hospitality field.

Hiring is a Job onto Itself

In any job, staff is your most important asset but you can multiply that by 100 in the restaurant field. Restaurant operations is made up of one primary asset—people. If you get hiring right, you’ll succeed. If you don’t, you won’t. It’s that simple. When you’re a restaurant manager you will quickly realize that your people are the engine and heart of your establishment. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, either.

You’ll Need to Be Good with Money

Loving food service isn’t enough. Managing cash flow is a tricky business that you’d better have a knack for. If you’re a restaurant manager, you’ll quickly find there is massive financial risk in this industry—and that was true way before COVID, as it will be way after the pandemic is over. About 30% of new restaurants fail, and cash flow is one of the reasons why.

Manage Based on Guest Expectations

The sooner you realize that it isn’t about you, the better off you’ll be. Your job is to focus your strategies and approach around your target audience. What does your customer want? Your first job is to figure this out. If you can create a better guest experience over your competitor, you will win every time.

You’ll Need Technology More Than You Realize

Many new restaurant owners think serving guests great food in a comfortable environment is key to the business. It is, but that isn’t all. Investing in technology to streamline your workflows is critically important to your facility. Restaurants are increasingly using sophisticated analytics to run their businesses. So, restaurant managers need to be far more tech-savvy than you probably ever expected.

Patience is More Than a Virtue—It’s a Business Builder

If you can’t calm down an angry guest on a packed Friday night, you’re going to struggle. Learning to handle fractious guests is an important part of a restaurant manager’s job. Listening to criticism from a customer, particularly when it’s unfounded will feel terrible. You love the business, the food, your customers, and the staff. But there’s always one customer that will try your patience. Learn to deal with these scenarios and you’ll do well in the restaurant industry.

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