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How Can A Professional Recruiter Help the Current Labor Force?

Check out Gecko Hospitality’s South Florida Restaurant & Hospitality Recruiter, Jeremy Nichols on No Vacancy Live with Glenn Haussman and other special guest Peter Ricci!

Jeremy Nichols and Peter Ricci discuss how recruiting can help the current hospitality industry come back better than before and how the industry has foregone many changes in the past year – the most significant being the employees within it.

Jeremy and Peter share their experiences of the recent and future issues within the labor force occurring because of the pandemic. They discuss how industry leaders, including major hospitality brands and voices of the industry, can change the hospitality industry as a whole to better its employees.

While other industries are offering sign-on incentives, higher pay, and better working hours, the hospitality industry will have to similarly compete now that many have learned that their skills are transferable to other industries. With an influx of restaurant jobs and hospitality jobs currently in the market, Gecko Hospitality turns to clients willing to ‘change their ways’ in order to capture the attention of the best hospitality candidates looking for restaurant management jobs. Hospitality recruiters and industry leaders like Jeremy and Peter understand the need for this change within the hospitality industry in order to attract the service workforce that we are used to, and are helping pave the way for major brands to follow suit!

Follow the link to listen to the entire podcast!


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