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Franchise Owner Spotlight | Megan Applegate and Chris Shatto

Unlike a cold startup business, there is less risk in investing in a franchise business. Perhaps that’s why more than 773,000 launched in 2019. Gecko Hospitality believes in the franchise model so strongly that we offer our proven processes to entrepreneurs in a model to develop your own lucrative and rewarding staffing firm. This blog will feature two of our franchise leaders, Megan Applegate and Chris Shatto. What was it like for them to launch a Gecko franchise? What did they learn from the process?

Growing a Gecko Business

Megan and Chris had a good mentor when developing their vision of a Gecko Hospitality franchise. They got involved through an existing franchise partner that had been with Gecko Hospitality for 19 years. They both had also been in the hospitality and hotel industry for many years before considering a Gecko franchise.

Gecko Hospitality offered these fledgling entrepreneurs a way to capitalize on their desire to start their own business venture. Franchises naturally offer less risk by allowing new business owners a way to use proven methodologies and systems to launch their company.

For franchisees, there are all kinds of benefits that Megan and Chris knew they wanted to take advantage of, including:

  • Low capital investment up=front
  • Web technologies that are fully integrated as an operations tool
  • Turnkey processes with proven success strategies
  • High level of work/life balance
  • Effective franchise model
  • Recognition as the staffing industry leader

Megan and Chris spoke highly of their experience, and, unlike most new business startups, they discussed the work/life balanced that comes with a Gecko Hospitality franchise. They stated that the best part of their experience was, “The ability to have a completely flexible schedule that you are in control of with the support and feel of a true hospitality company.”

Megan and Chris were attracted to Gecko Hospitality because of the companies more than 20-year track record in the challenging staffing industry. They knew that franchising a Gecko Hospitality staffing office would set them up for success. They set up their Gecko Hospitality franchise in the Charlotte, North Carolina market and never looked back. They are exceptionally successful and proud of their work, stating, “We are most proud of the caliber of candidates that we pace with our clients. Having been in the industry for so long, it’s great to be on the other side and help the hard-working hospitality candidates find new homes and help our clients build successful teams.”

Gecko Hospitality franchisees owners have all of the tools they need to be successful. Our turnkey process helps you get started with a known brand. We asked Megan and Chris what advice they’d give new franchise owners just starting out under the Gecko Hospitality brand. They had this to say, “Recruiting takes patience! If you are thinking about getting into recruiting you need to love to be on the phone and talk to people. Also, start working on creating or connecting further with a large network. It’s all about who you know.”

If you are seeking a new business opportunity, look no further than the lucrative, interesting, and proven processes that come with a Gecko Hospitality franchise. Talk with our teams today to find out if you are a good fit and join dozens of successful franchise owners like Megan and Chris.


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