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How to Respond to a Hospitality Recruiter on LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you probably already understand that this business-centric social media platform is a great tool for recruiters to reach out to potential candidates. They do this all day long. If you’re in hospitality, chances are you’ve probably heard from a recruiter or two. You might feel a little awkward responding to some stranger asking you about a job, but you shouldn’t. To make things a little easier, this blog will give you lots of options for responding to a hospitality recruiter on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts

There are 756 million users on LinkedIn. It is the best business-related social media platform today.

Of course, recruiters know this. If you haven’t been emailed by a recruiter from the hospitality field yet, don’t worry, you will be. Hospitality recruiters are increasingly turning to these venues; they are great tools for finding the best candidates for hospitality jobs.

When a hospitality recruiter reaches out to you, there are several ways you can respond. For example:

  • The “thank you but not at this time” response. You’ll notice that, if you’re not connected to the recruiter, you’ll receive an inquiry from them about a job. As we write this, LinkedIn makes it easy, by self-populating a templated response, which is “Yes, interested,” or “No, not interested.” It’s okay to say no to the recruiter’s inquiry; they hear it all the time. You don’t have to use the template responses, either, but it speeds up the process.
  • The “keep me in mind for the future” response. You can choose not to burn the bridge with the recruiter (a recommend approach) by thanking them for responding. Tell them you’re not on the market at the moment but things can change so ask them to please keep your resume on file.
  • There is also the “Yes, please,” response. Just use the template or respond with a little more; I’m available for a call tomorrow afternoon if you’re free, for example. You could say something like, “Thank you for contacting me. I’m always open to hearing about new opportunities.” You should close the email response out by asking when they are available for a call.
  • Do not treat the recruiter with anything but respect. (This happens!) After all, the entire point of the platform is to build your network. Why would you be offended that a recruiter is reaching out? Instead, feel flattered and go ahead and connect with that person. You never know when you might need a good hospitality recruiter on your side.

If you’re nervous about talking with the recruiter, you can ask them about their work in your field. The best recruiters specialize in a particular type of business; for example, hospitality. That way the staffing agency team can learn as much about that industry as possible. It will give them an edge in searching for a new candidate. If you speak with the recruiter and feel uncomfortable, it’s no big deal to disconnect the call, just say you aren’t interested in that opportunity. It’s a good idea to have a summary prepared about your job experience.

Gecko Hospitality may just be that recruiter that’s been knocking on your LinkedIn profile. We have several jobs and are looking for the best candidates possible to represent our clients. To find out more, why not give us a call for a change?



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