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Highest Paid Hospitality Jobs in 2021

Everyone is hiring these days. Certainly, the hospitality industry has rebounded from the 2020 pandemic, where many facilities laid off or furloughed staff or even shut down their doors. Now it seems like none of us in the industry can find enough workers to get the job done. However, some hospitality jobs offer the kind of pay that always seems to attract the right talent. What are those jobs and what do they pay?

Top Paying Jobs in Hospitality

Food and Beverage Director

Even before the pandemic, a Food and Beverage Director made good money, ranging from just under $50k to $102,000. The average may be higher for this managerial-level position, simply because finding someone to oversee menus, watch supply chain, and control food costs is tougher now. Many times, a Food and Beverage Director will work their way up the chain of command to reach the top managerial spot. That’s important because this role is a bit “Jack of all trades.” Managing inventory is part of this job, and when COVID hit, this became very difficult because of the cracks in our trucking and shipping industries but also even the impact on local food supplies. To do this job well in the best of times, you must be fast on your feet and be good with both people and numbers. You should also have a legitimate passion for serving people.

Hotel Operations Director

Anytime you have the phrase “operations manager” in a title, you’re going to make some money. A Hotel Operations Director role is no exception, and professionals in this field make anywhere from $50,000 to $114,000 or more, depending on the size of the facility, their experience, and the hotel chain. These professionals are usually career-tracked, having worked their way up from other lower-level jobs in the hospitality field. Most hotel chains also have rigorous training programs that help mold these professionals. The job has huge variety; from making sure housekeeping is maintaining the facility to overseeing the restaurant performance, to handling difficult guests. There’s a PR and marketing element in these roles as well, making them a truly interesting and diverse career path for the right individual.

Executive Chef

Popular shows like Master Chef have popularized the art of cooking. At the top of the kitchen team is the Executive Chef, who can easily make six figures in the right opportunity. An Executive Chef oversees the menu and culinary preparation at a facility while also hiring, managing, and training the staff. They may also oversee the Beverage Manager’s inventory efforts, as well as being the go-to for the local health department to ensure the safe delivery of meals to patrons. Executive Chefs have extensive restaurant experience, often starting out as a sous chef or working somewhere else on the line before eventually making their way into this position.

Find Your Next Hospitality Job

While these are just a few of the highest-paying jobs out there today, Gecko Hospitality has a host of great jobs just waiting on you. Talk with our team today about how you can find the right hospitality job to fit your experience, goals, and budget. We’re here to help you succeed.


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