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How to Position Yourself Positively During an Interview

There’s a trick to managing the interview process in a way that leaves your interviewer with a positive impression of your skills. It’s a head game that can be hard if you’re frustrated with the job search or anxious about the interview itself. No matter how negative you might be feeling on the day of the interview, your job is to position yourself in a way that will leave the interviewer wanting more. Here’s how to do it.

Keeping Things Positive During the Interview

Every employer wants to hire workers with a good attitude. That’s because you’ll be more likely to get along with your colleagues at work. It doesn’t matter how many skills you have. If your attitude is poor, you’ll be less likely to get the job. This is a case of “fake it till you make it,” because some days you may not feel quite as good about yourself or may just be having a rough week. Here are some things you can do even on your worst days, to come across positively during the interview.

  • Dress for the job you want to have. Get that haircut. Iron your clothes and polish your shoes, even if the interview is over Zoom. If you look your best, you will also feel better about yourself. This will give you more confidence and may even change your mood.
  • Get some exercise before the interview. Exercise is an energy and mood booster. It releases endorphins and will burn off nervous energy.
  • Practice the art of positive thinking. See yourself in this job. If you believe you’ll get the job it will give you the confidence to also convince the employer to give it to you. Think about a time when you were successful and create the mindset that you are worthy of the win. You deserve this.
  • Research the company. This will also add to your confidence. You should look at the company’s careers page, mission, and values. Then come up with a list of questions to ask your interviewer. Remember, you are interviewing them as much as they are you.
  • During the interview, focus on your posture and breathing. Posture tells a lot about you; it’s a nonverbal way of showing that you’re either in the game or not. Slouching can make you seem like you don’t have the confidence you need to land the job. It can also make you appear disinterested or even lazy. Sit up straight, whether it’s a Zoom interview or in person. Put your shoulders back and own the interview.
  • Finally, practice active listening. It’s a skill you’ll use on the job, so why not practice with your interviewer and demonstrate your skill. Make eye contact with the interviewer when they ask questions. It’s okay to ask clarifying questions during this process. Active listening demonstrates to the interviewer that you are very interested in the job.

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