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5 Things to Remember When Training Your GenZ Employees

Pew Research Center says, “Generational cutoff points aren’t an exact science.” That’s true when defining the “Z” generation, those born after 1996 to today. Who is this “GenZ” generation and what do employers need to do to ensure they’re providing proper training for the job?

Who is GenZ?

It’s hard to believe, but most members of Generation Z have no memory of the 9/11 attack. They also have never been through a time without the internet. The iPhone launched when GenZ kids were 10. By their teenage years, everyone has Wi-Fi, mobile apps, and high-speed internet with literally everything at the tips of their fingers. Social media and 24/7 connectivity are the norms for this generation. What are the implications for growing up during this kind of tech-centric environment for employers?

How to Train GenZ?

Make your training engaging.

GenZ is perhaps the most tech-savvy workforce you’ve ever trained, but despite being internet friendly, this group is also eager to have face-to-face connections. For trainers, this means your information should be in-person but also fast and succinct. This is a generation that is used to finding answers fast, so make sure your training is engaging, fun, and informative.

Cross-train your GenZers.

Keen your GenZers engaged with cross-training. These are workers who want to learn new skills and keep growing. Stretch them and give them new challenges to keep them motivated. Over time, these workers will be more adaptable to the changing demands of a job in the hospitality field.

Use video.

The GenZ population also loves Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. They watch, on average, 68 videos a day, although many of these are simple snippets. This almost guarantees that your training must incorporate this visual medium to keep their interest. This is especially true around training and how-to instructions. This is a generation used to teaching themselves on YouTube. But long videos won’t work. These must be short and to the point will little fluff or filler. Use imagery and animation to entertain.

Create immersive learning environments.

The GenZ nation is used to searching out their own answers. They are independent, so immersing them in a hands-on training environment will help them excel. Give them simulations and game-based learning, as well as using next-generation tech such as virtual reality to help them learn faster and thrive.

Learning should be in bite-sized increments.

This generation can text, watch videos, do their homework, and eat simultaneously. They switch easily between five devices (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, TV) and spend up to nine hours a day consuming digital content online. You can tap these skills by offering micro-learning sessions, offering information in bite-size increments that can be absorbed in minutes and not hours. This training should be offered for mobile since this is the GenZ tool of choice (98% own a smartphone.) So, make your training mobile-friendly to help engage this generation with concise, clear data that is up-to-date for the job.

Looking for GenZ talent? Gecko Hospitality works with colleges and universities to tap into this market sector. We know talent, including GenZ workers. Talk with our hospitality recruitment team about your hiring strategies to help meet your business goals.


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