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3 Reasons Gecko Hospitality Can Improve Your Hospitality Talent Search

Has your business been affected by the labor shortage? Chances are, you’re feeling the sting of too many orders, too many customers, and not enough employees to go around. Gecko Hospitality has been helping businesses like yours find top talent when the labor pool is tight. Here are three ways we can help your business even during a tough labor market.

Talent Resources for the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry

Since COVID lockdowns furloughed and laid off our country’s hospitality and restaurant workforce, many of our former employees have moved on to other jobs. That’s a huge problem for our industry, and news this summer shows that one in three hospitality workers say they’ve looked for jobs in other fields and don’t plan on returning. This has created shortages in the industry that restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality organizations are struggling to fill.

Now for the good news: Gecko Hospitality can help. We are the industry’s leading recruiting firm dedicated to finding talent for the hospitality and restaurant field. We work with large and small businesses seeking to fill hospitality talent across their organizations. How can Gecko Hospitality help your business find talent today? Here are three key areas where we provide support for our clients.


Gecko Hospitality is in the business of people. We’ve been growing our networks for years by carefully building relationships with seasoned veterans in the hospitality industry as well as new graduates just entering the field. If you’re looking for people to help your organization successfully provide service to your customers, we can help.


Having cutting-edge technology tools sets us apart from the typical Mom and Pop staffing agency that you see in the hospitality field. Gecko Hospitality has spared no expense on our best-in-class applicant tracking system (ATS). We leverage this technology so we can work with you to expand your reach. Together, these tools are exactly what you need to attract more candidates—fast.


Today, finding talent requires that you search for those passive candidates that don’t officially have their resumes on the market. It’s the only way to really find enough people to fill the seats on your bus. With Gecko Hospitality, you have access to wider networks and a database with more than 100,000 management professionals. We immerse ourselves every day in searching for your talent. Let’s face it—we know that is something that you simply do not have the time to do. Gecko Hospitality has over 100 recruiters standing by to help you find talent. What are you waiting for?

Gecko Hospitality is staffed by industry-leading professionals who have worked in the hospitality field. That gives us an edge over other recruiting firms that simply don’t understand your business. Combine this with the right network, technology, and resources Gecko Hospitality offers, and you’ll soon see why we specialize in connecting people and changing lives one career at a time.

Gecko Hospitality is devoted to our clients. We know that, as you grow, we grow. We can help you find the talent you need. Contact the leading recruiters at Gecko Hospitality today to make things happen.



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