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5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Recruiting

The demand for recruiters is massive. One study shows that there are actually more jobs for recruiters than there are for computer programmers. That’s because companies simply can’t find enough talent. This is particularly true in the hospitality field, where businesses are facing unprecedented labor shortages.

These trends spell out an opportunity for career-minded professionals with recruiting skills. Here are five reasons to consider a career in recruiting right now.

Why Recruiting—Why Now?

Reason 1—Unprecedented Opportunity

If you have recruiting experience, the job market is about as lucrative as it can get for those with strong networks and a talent for finding resources. Even if you’re just getting into the field, hard work and due diligence can lead you to a six-figure salary in this job market—particularly in the hospitality field.


Reason 2—You Will Be in Demand

The recruiting industry continues to grow. If you have a knack for finding talent, this is an incredibly lucrative career. The staffing world is a $146 billion worldwide industry, and it continues to grow each year. Employers need your help desperately, and few have the human power it takes to find talent in such a candidate-driven market. Consider this: Most companies are struggling to find enough employees to fill their empty positions. Who do they call for help? A recruiting company.


Reason 3—You’ll Become an SME

Recruiters specialize in one or more industries, and they become subject matter experts in that field. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the industries you serve, even if you’ve never worked in that industry in the past. As your knowledge expands, so will your network of employer and candidate connections. This will make you a valuable resource in the communities you serve.


Reason 4—You Will Never Be Bored

Every recruiting job entails a variety of tasks, and no two days are the same. Your job may consist of:

  • Developing candidate profiles
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Negotiating salaries
  • Pitching business to prospects
  • And much more

Recruiting will take all of your organizational and communication skills. It is truly an interesting and challenging job that is quite engaging.


Reason 5—Reliable Income

Even the average recruiter makes over six figures. For a staffing agency they can bill a markup anywhere from 20% – 75% for temporary talent. Permanent placement can bill at 10% – 20% of the employee’s annual gross salary. That means, for every candidate you place that is temporary, you’ll earn lucrative residual income from each placement you make. When you supplement with permanent placements, these “spiffs” can grow quite lucrative, particularly over time.


Why Consider a Hospitality Franchise?

Gecko Hospitality has a proven methodology for your entry into the recruiting field. Our hospitality franchises limit your risk by partnering you with established processes that yield both clients and candidates. Imagine the excitement of running your own business without the risks associated with building something from scratch. Then, combine it with massive demand for hospitality talent, and you have the win/win career you’ve been searching for.

We’d like to invite you to find out more about becoming a Gecko Hospitality franchise owner. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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