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Take Control of Your Career: Why You Should Open Your Own Recruiting Franchise

If you’re a recruiter, salesperson, or perhaps a manager, there’s a portion of your salary at risk. That percentage is a commission or bonus-based structure, and if you’re under that compensation structure, you already know how lucrative this model can be. Now imagine getting that kind of spiff every month from your own business. We’re talking about owning your own recruiting franchise. The benefits of this move are real. Let’s explore why you should consider owning your own recruiting franchise.

Benefits of a Recruiting Franchise

Franchises are safer bets for someone who wants to run the show. A franchise has worked out the kinks that thwart many businesses and slow their growth. In a recruiting franchise, you receive more than your own business, but a company that has proven tools, models, and workflows that allow you to be successful right out of the gate. What you’re buying into is the key to a proven system that we already know works.

We know franchises are money makers. Some of the most lucrative include McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and even Hilton Hotels. Fast on the heels of these franchises is a recruiting firm like Gecko Hospitality, who packaged their expertise into a system that works.

A franchise system starts with an upfront fee that buys into the system and all of the benefits offered by the business. Most franchises also require a small royalty based on sales. In return, your personal staffing agency will earn commissions from clients of your billable placements.

But what you receive is a proven business with an established brand. Your franchise will come with specific techniques for advertising and marketing that work well to attract new clients to your branch. Staffing is a competitive field, so don’t discount the importance of access to marketing materials that are very effective at carving your business out as one that is attractive to both clients and candidates.

Tools Available for Franchisees

Too, recruiting franchisees have access to intelligent technology systems and databases of candidates to make them productive from day one. Many small businesses are overwhelmed with the cost of these necessary tools. Technology can automate many back-office systems that can seem so daunting to a small business owner. With these tools, a new franchise owner can focus on closing as many deals as possible in the first year after they open the business.

Speaking of back office, administering a staffing agency is incredibly difficult. Organizing payroll alone as well as billing clients and staying on top of regulatory rules, is daunting and may even keep many recruiters from branching out to start their own agencies. This is another area where a franchise can help. You not only have the right tools in place but proven workflows to keep money flowing in and out without a hitch. You also have a network of other franchise owners that you can call upon to answer questions.

If you’re still not convinced, why don’t you call Gecko to find out more about our recruiting franchise? We can talk you through the process and show you the numbers. We’re standing by to help you achieve the level of success that our franchise owners enjoy.


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