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Franchise Owner Spotlight: Joan Koelbel

Joan Koelbel, a Gecko Hospitality Franchise Owner, would probably tell you there has never been a better time to be a franchise owner, particularly in restaurant and hospitality recruiting. Interestingly, she’s right. Franchise Wire reports 50% more businesses started up in 2021 than any other year in history. Many of these were franchises, and the online magazine devoted to this unique niche of entrepreneurship says, “A new and exciting group of emerging franchise opportunities are charging into 2022 full force.” This blog will explore Joan Koelbel’s own franchise ownership journey. What’s it really like to start a Gecko Hospitality franchise, and why did Joan decide to take the plunge into small business ownership?

Freedom to Live the Franchise Life

Joan Koelbel has been around the block in the restaurant field. She has run restaurants and worked with a food sales and distribution company, so the restaurant and hospitality fields are like an old friend. She was highly successful at making money for the companies she worked for, and Joan won numerous awards for her tenacity and energy in these jobs. Over time, though, Joan started to wonder if she was missing something. Instead of working for an employer and making them lots of money, she began to think there might be a way to become her own boss. She says, “I need to work in an environment that allowed me freedom to work as much as I wanted.” Joan met with Gecko Hospitality and began talking about the idea of one day owning her own franchise. Today, 21-year later, she has successful restaurant recruiting offices in five states.

Joan is proud of her work as a Gecko Hospitality franchise owner. She loves helping her candidates find more rewarding and lucrative jobs and says her clients are her partners in the success of her business. Joan praises the Gecko Hospitality team, from the group that helped her launch her businesses to her current employees. She states, “I have met and worked with some really fantastic people. The team that works with me now are some of the most dedicated individuals.”

Even with a franchise and the lowered risk of having an established business model, Joan says some of the challenges are the recruiting field itself. She says, “This work is not for the faint of heart. We work with human capital and the twists and turns will keep your attention!” Her advice for anyone considering a Gecko Hospitality franchise is to not treat the work as a hobby. She’s living proof that if you work hard, this is one investment that pays off. When she started out, she says, “I invested and worked late into the evening. I would fall asleep on my laptop!”

All her diligence paid off—and continues to reward her, her family, and the team that works beside her every day. It just goes to show you that if you have a dream of entrepreneurship, a Gecko Hospitality franchise is a smart investment that will continue to pay off in the long run.

Gecko Hospitality has opened for the 2022 franchise class. We’re standing by to discuss what pride of ownership can do for you and your family. Contact us today and start on the road to a better life.

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