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Franchise Owner Spotlight: Jeremy Nichols

After hitting some rocky roads during the pandemic, franchising is making a comeback. According to the International Franchise Association, 17,000 franchise locations will be added throughout 2022. That’s because more and more people are realizing franchises offer a unique mix of low risk and high reward. Franchising has been described as a business with training wheels. Well, it may not be exactly that, but franchising does offer a backboard of sorts from the franchiser.

Buying a franchise offers many other advantages that aren’t available to the entrepreneur starting a business from scratch. These include a well-known brand name, proven operating system, market research, advertising and marketing, and training. The franchiser also provides a clear picture of the competition and how to differentiate yourself from them.

In the Spotlight

Becoming a Gecko Hospitality franchisee is an exciting time—especially if the franchisee has previous business experience. That’s because traditionally the business environment empowers self-reliance. You either make it or you don’t. But franchising affords the opportunity to succeed with both hard work and the support of others. Jeremy Nichols is a Gecko Hospitality franchisee with a Florida Hospitality Division and a South Florida Restaurant Division. He’s experienced both success working for others and as a franchisee.

“I spent 17 years as an internal recruiter,” says Nichols. “The last nine years of my career were as the Director of Recruiting with Panera Bread in Central FL. I was ready for a change and needed a challenge. I was looking for a career with uncapped income potential and still have the ability to run my own business and have my foot in hospitality talent acquisition.”

Advice from a Gecko Franchisee

Every business endeavor requires a good strategy to succeed. Nichols believes that in order to be successful as a Gecko franchisee one must have a competitive mindset. “You have to look at the hustle of headhunting the way an athlete competes,” Nichols states. “Be prepared to lose and be prepared for the obstacles, but also get ready for the rush and adrenaline of making great money, connecting people with jobs that change their life, and the work-life balance you dream of.”  Nichols believes the right mindset is key and learning how to deal with the highs and lows is extremely important.

The Best Part of Being a Gecko Franchisee

The best part of being a Gecko franchisee according to Nichols, is the freedom of setting his own schedule. As Nichols states, “I love the flexibility in my schedule and having time to see my amazing daughter grow up.”

What Brings the Greatest Pride in Partnering with Gecko?

Nichols loves that fact that he can be who he wants to be while enjoying the creativity he can bring to his business. “I love the opportunity to be true to myself and be creative with the business. Most franchises in other firms have SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that are too strict and you are at risk of falling into complacency. There is a sense of geniality at each desk within Gecko Hospitality. It is refreshing!”

Jeremy Nichol’s Hobbies When Not Working on His Franchise

Being a Gecko franchisee can afford the time for fun and relaxation. Nichols takes advantage of the time, living life to its fullest. “I spend most of my time with my wife and daughter, enjoying the Florida sun,” says Nichols. “…very involved with my daughter’s extracurricular hobbies like figure skating and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). I also have been DJing Drum & Bass music since the mid-90s and I continue to throw events in Tampa once a month, DJing for fun. I host a Podcast every month with some great industry friends and run my YouTube channel as time permits.”

Parting Words

Nichol’s franchise is successful because he is success-minded. He gives this advice for future Gecko franchisees: “Do not be afraid to be your authentic self. Challenge yourself to break norms and test out new ideas within recruiting. If you stumble, reassess the situation, be humble, figure out some new solutions, and get back on your feet and attack it again. There is never one silver bullet, learn as much as you can and get after it.”

Because It Works

Some people are attracted to the franchise business model because they know it works. When you buy a franchise, you’re purchasing an established business and a ready-made product or service. Franchises usually come with a recognizable brand name, a proven business model and a repeatable marketing strategy. But it’s not just any franchise model that can lead others to success; it has to be one that has a good reputation that is built on a foundation of integrity. That’s what Gecko Hospitality strives for.

Gecko Hospitality understands that a franchiser doesn’t succeed until the franchisees do. That’s why Gecko Hospitality franchisees are supported by a team of dedicated professionals. These are folks willing and able to help every step of the way. Gecko Hospitality gives you training, support and a competitive edge. It all begins with comprehensive training that gives you help starting your own recruiting agency.

If you’re interested in running your own hospitality recruiting franchise, contact Gecko Hospitality to learn more. The two-week training course is held in Fort Myers, FL, and taught by Robert Krzak, president of Gecko Hospitality. Mr. Krzak has trained more than 100 professional hospitality recruiters over the past 20 years. Future franchisees will learn how to run their business and receive an operating manual consisting of cutting edge, proprietary information for future reference. Franchisees will also have access to Gecko’s proprietary client database of more than 1,200 clients.


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