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Connect and Direct: Part 2

Managers manage processes and the people who execute those processes. The organization sets goals and the manager is tasked to accomplish those goals through others. If it was only that simple. The truth is that most supervisors are unequipped to create a cohesive, productive team.

The proof is in the numbers:

  • 70% of the workforce is disengaged.
  • Employee turnover is at an all-time high: 37.4 million people have quit their jobs thus far in 2022.
  • 15% of the workforce is actively disengaged (they are on the payroll and are engaged in behavior that harms the organization).

The Gallup Organization measures engagement and related workplace behaviors and trends. They believe that the most impactful improvement area is manager leadership training.

Humans are brilliant at detecting fault. We are wired for safety, and for several hundred thousand years, we have evolved an extraordinary skill called “fight or flight.” Positive psychology, a relatively new field, has recognized the need to flip the script on human interaction. Experts have discovered that the frequency of small, positive acts is critical to curating engagement and healthy relationships. John Gottman’s pioneering research suggests a “golden ratio” of 5 to 1 (five positive interactions for every negative interaction). Less than 5 to 1 positive to negative interaction, and people surmise (consciously or subconsciously) that the relationship isn’t of value.

Now, think about your workplace and the interaction with your supervisors. How many positive interactions are you experiencing? Is your level of workplace happiness impacted? Are you providing the “golden ratio” to your team if you are a manager? How do you use the power of Connect and Direct to create positive work relationships?

Author – Ed Doherty | One Degree Coaching


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