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Connect and Direct: Part 3

Business problems are usually people problems. Unfortunately, many business owners spend most of their time struggling with people problems. So, curating a dream team that can execute your business strategy requires prioritizing your people problems. It also requires a specific skill and mindset.

The manager training concept of Connect and Direct is both a skill and a mindset.

It requires:

  1. Understanding what your people need from you as a leader
  2. Discovering your employee’s unique role strengths and challenges
  3. Curating a positive work environment
  4. Creating cultural and behavioral guidelines that become “non-negotiables”.
  5. Ongoing, intentional “touchpoints” with your employees as individuals and as a team

Connect and Direct is highly effective because it creates clarity, balance, and positivity in your work environment. However, it also requires training, practice, and discipline. Once you prioritize your people strategy, your business strategy becomes much easier to execute.

Author – Ed Doherty

To learn more about building happy, high-performing teams, visit One Degree Coaching.com


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