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Sous Chef Selection: 7 Critical Interview Questions for Kitchen Success

The Sous Chef is vital as the Head Chef’s second-in-command, holding important duties to maintain kitchen operations smoothly. It’s crucial to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications and capacity to excel in this role through targeted questions in the interview.

It’s important to carefully plan the interview questions when you’re searching for a Sous Chef for your kitchen team. This makes sure that you can evaluate candidates effectively. When you prepare in advance it will help you evaluate their skills and suitability for the job. To help, we have listed seven recommended interview questions for Sous Chef candidates.

Question #1

Imagine if you discovered an employee violating a food safety rule. What actions would you then initiate? This inquiry allows you to evaluate the candidate’s competence as a sous chef and important team member in maintaining high food safety protocols.

Question #2

How would you adjust our menu to meet customer demand based on current seasonal trends? This question assesses the candidate’s menu planning expertise and knowledge of the restaurant’s offerings. A skilled sous chef will consider seasonality, cost management, pricing, waste reduction, and service speed.

Question #3

You encounter an upset customer unhappy with their meal. How do you address the issue and work towards a resolution? This query assesses the candidate’s communication, interpersonal abilities, and customer service orientation.

Question #4

If a customer had dietary restrictions like gluten-free or vegan, how would you cater to their needs without compromising the dish’s taste and quality? This question gauges the candidate’s expertise in managing special dietary needs.

Question #5

What restaurant software have you used before and how well do you know them? This helps to assess your familiarity with software relevant to the role. For a sous chef, cooking skill is essential, but being business-savvy is also crucial given the nature of the role.

Question #6

Could you outline a previous instance where you effectively addressed a conflict with a difficult employee, highlighting the issues and your strategies for a positive resolution? This query offers a glimpse into your management approach and leadership qualities.

Question #7

What are your thoughts on the significance of training and mentoring new restaurant hires, and how have you applied these practices previously? As a Sous Chef, guiding and supporting junior chefs is crucial. This query reflects the candidate’s view on the position and dedication to team growth.

In Conclusion

By taking the time to ask specific questions, you gain valuable insights into each candidate’s qualifications, experience, and ability to take on the role of a Sous Chef. The time you spend on this helps you make a more informed decision when selecting the right candidate for the job.


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