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Beyond the Salary: Retention Strategies to Stop Employee Turnover

Employee turnover in the hospitality sector has long been a significant concern. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted a high turnover rate of 73.6%. This rate far exceeds that of other industries. You would expect industries such as finance and insurance to be higher, but turnover is less than 2%. The costs associated with employee turnover are numerous. Some costs you’d notice would include expenses related to recruiting, training, and diminished employee morale. To effectively address this issue within your hotel, the following strategies can be implemented.

Turning Around Your Hotel Turnover

  1. It is important to communicate your appreciation to your employees as it helps in fostering employee engagement and retention. Offering consistent feedback to employees is a vital strategy to ensure their ongoing commitment to the success of the organization. To achieve this, it is essential to provide managers with training on implementing a continuous feedback system that offers employees the necessary guidance and support. While it may be challenging to remember to demonstrate appreciation amid the busyness of running a hotel, acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of your employees is crucial in retaining top talent.
  2. Support your teams by facilitating training and professional development opportunities. By investing in your employees, you can increase their retention rates. Consider offering tuition reimbursement and certifications to aid their career advancement. Organize lunch and learn sessions and on-site training programs to enhance the skillsets of your workforce. Encourage cross-training to broaden knowledge within different departments. Implement mentoring programs to provide one-on-one guidance for new employees. Train your managers to assist employees in setting and achieving their career objectives.

Investing In Your Staff

  1. Focus on cultivating a strong company culture to establish cohesive relationships among employees. Define a compelling vision and mission to drive motivation and inspiration within your workforce. Strive to create a culture that deeply connects with your employees, emphasizing the importance of meaningful work. Formulating a cultural committee comprised of both employees and staff members can guide the development of a positive work environment that fosters employee retention.
  2. Compensate your staff generously and provide retention incentives. Foster a culture of ongoing support and ensure regular salary increases. The objective should be to recognize commendable performance in a manner that enhances loyalty between your hotel and its employees. By prioritizing these practices, not only will you reduce recruitment costs but also strengthen your workforce.
  3. To begin, prioritize the recruitment of a high-caliber team of employees. Emphasize the importance of selecting the most suitable candidates for each role, as the phrase “right person for the right seat” suggests. By allocating additional resources towards the initial stages of the hiring process, you can enhance the likelihood of securing candidates who are well-matched to the job requirements. This strategic approach will consequently reduce employee turnover rates.

Ensuring Your Success

For success, it is recommended to collaborate with a seasoned staffing agency such as Gecko Hospitality. We are dedicated to sustaining the efficiency of the hospitality industry by providing top-tier candidates to assist in meeting your recruitment objectives. Contact our team today to explore how we can facilitate the placement of suitable individuals within your organization.


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