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A Recap of the Top 5 Hospitality Job Search Blogs

As we near the end of 2018, we like to look back at some of the most popular Gecko Hospitality blogs to figure out what trends were most important to our clients.

Over the past year or so, we tackled some tough topics such as how to retain the top talent in a competitive employment market as well as giving tips on technology like Alexa and “her” influence on the hospitality field.

No matter the topic, the Gecko Hospitality blog was designed to provide employers and employees in the hospitality field actionable insight on the industry.

What were the top five Gecko Hospitality blogs our readers found particularly important?

Best Reads

100 Years of Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Innovation happens when we look back at prior efforts and seek to improve while moving forward. In this blog, we shared some of the most important trends we’ve seen in the hotel industry over the past 100 years. From decorative changes to technology innovation, our industry has seen incredible changes and weathered the intensity of economic boom and bust. Through it all, our business has thrived. Click here to see how the trends of the past have carried us forward into 2019.

Fast Track Your Onboarding Process: 3 Tips to Get Your New Management Up to Speed ASAP

In July we shared tips on how to track employee onboarding. How can hospitality managers assimilate new employees more efficiently while engaging them in the success of the organization? Click here to read our top three tips to improve employee onboarding and get managers up to speed fast.

Employee Retention Can Start During the Very First Job Interview

This past summer, the labor pool began to tighten, so our blog on employee retention quickly became one of the most popular of 2018. In it, we discuss how to begin the work of retaining employees in the very first interview. Click here to read the best tips for employee retention in a tight labor market.

Improve Your Online Branding, Improve Your Hiring Process!

Improving online branding can improve your recruiting efforts. This blog had advice for improving job seeker review sites, creating an authentic company voice, and using corporate culture to improve the brand. Online reputation makes or breaks recruiting. Click here to find out more.

Alexa… Are You Influencing Hotels?

Voice interface is one of the new technology advances that hotels should be paying attention to. The new Alexa for Hospitality integrates with hotel software and Echo devices. Hotel teams must understand how this cool new tool could improve the customer experience in the hospitality industry. Click here to read more.

Gecko Hospitality – Best Tips for 2019

Gecko Hospitality is an award-winning recruitment firm that matches employers and talent in the hospitality industry.  We offer a variety of solutions for our customers. Contact our top hospitality recruiters to find out how you can start working with us.


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